Hey guys! Remember I mentioned my new bells last week? Well I made sure that Dad got a photo of them, he was even clever enough to get one of me hitting them. He is one smart guy!

Anyway, like I said I hit them when I want Mum and Dad to let me know, it normally takes them a little while to get to me, silly slow humans. Its like they have something else to do.

Anyway, I’ve spent lots of time in the garden this week, its been cooler so I can lay out and get my tan on without getting too hot. Lets hope it carries on!





I decided to visit the Boston Public Gardens today, to see the bench from Good Will Hunting, so I could pay my respects to one of my idols. I wasn’t alone, as crowds of young and old stood near, bound together by sadness.

Rest in peace Robin.

We’ve been having heavy rains in Boston all day, so most of this is gone by now. The chalk writing and memorial grew to be incredible huge in the course of one day, way bigger than the photos here, and tons of people came by. It’s too bad that it could only last one day, but I think it really speaks to how beloved Robin and his work were that his memory inspired something so big and beautiful to happen organically. Bless<3